More About Die Rite Exterminating

Servicing The Greater NYC Area For 30 Years!

Our business provides pest control services to residential and commercial real estate management companies, food service establishments, offices and private homes. We use Integrated Pest Management techniques and have some “green” solutions. We believe that it is our responsibility to care for the earth’s environment while still helping to control pests in our customers’ homes and businesses and are helping protect public health by helping to prevent and control pests as well as educating consumers on the potential health risks posed by these pests.

Our Certifications

Die Rite Exterminating is a certified Pest Control Expert with a NEW YORK STATE DEC category 7A certification.

Our History

We are a sole proprietorship operating in New York State providing general pest control services for the last 30 years using Integrated Pest Management techniques.

Company Overview

Best Service 98%
Good Quality 98%
Best Products 98%